Current Timetable

We offer a range of exciting weekly classes during school term time and further additional activities in the holidays for children to take part in. In addition to this we offer amazing performance opportunities throughout the year - with larger shows in Summer and at Christmas time. 


Encore is our most advanced performance group who train for additional time every week and enjoy being pushed. We select new students to join the Encore troupe twice per year and offer additional opportunities such as Disneyland Paris.


Junior Encore - 5pm (60mins)

Senior Encore - 6.15pm (60mins)

Mini Acro Gymnastics - 5.15pm (45mins)

Junior Acro Gymnastics - 6.15pm (45mins)

Junior (2) Acro Gymnastics - 7.15pm (45 mins)

LAMDA & Private Tuition - from 4pm (students attend for 1hr with 15min one-to-one time or 30min Private)

Our drama class is ideal for those children who aren't too keen on the singing and dance elements of performance and prefer acting. We have an optional LAMDA class for those who wish to take their acting to the next level and work towards exams.

Drama- 5.30pm (60mins)

LAMDA & Private Tuition - from 4.00pm (students attend for 1hr with 15min one-to-one time or 30min Private)

Mini Commercial - 4.30pm (45mins)

Mini Ballet - 5.15pm (45mins)

Junior Tap - 6.45pm (45mins)

Commercial Dance - 7.30pm (45mins)

Our performance class incorporates drama, dance and singing elements in a fun and friendly environment. We offer lots of opportunity to take to the stage throughout the year. Those keen to progress further can take on optional ballet, tap or commercial.


Mini Performers (3-6yrs) - 9.00am (Group A) 10.15am (Group B) (60mins)

Senior Performing Arts (13+yrs) -9.15am -12.15pm

Dance (60mins), Drama (60mins) Singing (45mins)


Advanced Performing Arts (11+yrs) -11.30am -2.30pm (previously Intermediate)
Dance (60mins), Drama (60mins) Singing (45mins)


Beginners Performing Arts (6+yrs) - 12.30pm - 3.30pm
Singing (45mins) Dance (60mins), Drama (60mins)

Junior Performing Arts (8+yrs) - 12.30 - 3.30pm

Singing (45mins) Dance (60mins), Drama (60mins)

Intermediate Performing Arts (9+yrs) - 12.30 - 3.30pm
Singing (45mins) Dance (60mins), Drama (60mins)