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LAMDA Tuition
We teach both Musical Theatre and Acting LAMDA at Nice Swan Academy for children age 5 years+ with all levels of ability welcome. We run one-to-one lessons with our Performing Arts and Acting tutors that are individually assessed and tailored to the child’s personal needs in an atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone.

Our students develop their vocal, physical and interpretive skills while they delve into characters and explore the background of musical and dramatic texts. Alongside producing authentic performances of their chosen songs or scenes, they also gain an understanding of the context and characters within them.

Working through the grades takes our learners through the development of  vocal technique, clear speaking and character portrayal to an understanding of a playwright’s or composers style, the influence of theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski or Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and a sensitive appreciation of subtext.

LAMDA exams at grades 6-8 also count towards UCAS points, which can be used when applying to University.

We offer solo exam entry from Grade 1-8. One learner delivers two songs or monologues on their own (three songs or monologues for Grades 7 and 8). 

Exams run three times per year (Spring, Summer and Autumn) and we enter students for their examination when we know they are ready and confident. 

In our last exam entry  we achieved    90%   Distinction and 10% Merit!


If you live in the North East and are interested in starting your LAMDA journey with us or perhaps already working through your LAMDA grades and want to study with us then contact us to try one of our sessions.

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