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Dance Tuition

Private dance lessons are the most effective way to take your dancing to the next level, learn a new dance style/routine or begin dancing for the first time. At Nice Swan Academy we ensure you get the best training to suit your dance goals such as movement, technique, style and performance. We have highly experienced and professional dance teachers who are available for private dance lessons at various times. 

We cover a wide range of styles, primarily Modern Jazz and Ballet. In our sessions students:


  • Build confidence in dancing solo and within a group

  • Tuition matches the speed and needs of your child

  • Learn more quickly 

  • Ensure you learn things correctly and focus on technique

  • Lessons at times that are convenient for you

  • Work with our tutors to choose what to work on or learn

  • Choreograph and rehearse solo routines for future performances, festivals or competitions should they wish to.


Sessions can be booked individually, in blocks or as a weekly class with various evening or weekend slots available for up to 2 people.


If you live in the North East and your child is interested in improving their dance technique and skills then contact us to try one of our sessions.

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