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Singing Tuition
Singing classes are offered at Nice Swan Academy for children age 6 years+ with all levels of ability welcome. We run one-to-one lessons with our singing tutors that are individually assessed and tailored to the child’s personal needs in an atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone.

We cover a wide range of repertoire including popular, modern and musical theatre. In our sessions students will:


  • Build confidence in singing solo

  • Structured vocal exercises tailored to their voice

  • Develop their technique every week

  • Work on their Range, Resonance, Placement, Blend and Power

  • Improve their musicality

  • Work on songs that they want to be able to sing

  • Get help and advice on their performance skills both vocally and physically

  • Advice on the industry and how to progress as a singer or performer


Sessions can be booked individually, in blocks or as a weekly class with various evening or weekend slots available for up to 2 people.


If you live in the North East and are interested in singing as a beginner starting their journey or an experienced performer wanting to brush up on their technique then contact us to try one of our sessions.

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