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  • Our system will automatically email out an invoice for each student based on the classes that they are enrolled for. Each invoice includes all sessions within a half term block. The payment total will vary each half term depending on the amount of weeks.

  • The invoice is issued prior to the new half term and allows a 28 day payment term.

  • For those parents with multiple siblings in the Academy, they will be merged onto one invoice.

There are multiple ways an invoice can be settled which are outlined below:


Pay now using GOCARDLESS – at the bottom of the invoice there will be a button that says PAY NOW. This button allows you to pay directly from your bank account without any additional fees. The way this process is worded does make it look like your setting up a direct debit with Nice Swan Academy however it must be stressed that by completing your details you are not committing to any automatic payments – it simply links your invoices to your bank account so that all future payments can be made directly and more efficiently at the click of a button without the need to use a debit card. There will be no automatic or reoccurring charges.


Make a payment in class – we have the option for you to make a payment in class by cash or cheque (made payable to Nice Swan Academy Ltd). The same payment terms apply. We can now also take payment by debit or credit card in class. Minimum payment on card is £10.00.


Monthly Direct Debit – we understand that some parents prefer lower more frequent payments so we are rolling out the facility to make monthly payments by Direct Debit to Nice Swan Academy Ltd. Monthly payments are worked out by totaling the amount owed for the whole academic year based on the classes your child attends and this is divided into equal installments across 10 months (Sept – June). You can select the day of the month you would like the payment to come out. Direct Debits can be cancelled at any time by either party however should you be in arrears when a mandate is cancelled you will be invoiced for the remaining balance. Please request a Direct Debit form from us should you wish to proceed with this method. Please note a 1% transaction fee applies to the total amount. Direct debits can not be set up part way through a term.




What happens if I don't receive an invoice?

Every child enrolled in our system will receive an invoice by email. If you do not have an email address or access to your emails it is your responsibility to let us know and arrange for a paper copy to be sent out. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to inform us of any changes in contact details which may affect our communication with you. 

What happens if I pay my invoice late?

If the invoice is not paid by the due date an automatic late payment fee of 10% is applied to the full invoice. 10% will then be added for each additional week that the invoice is late. If the invoice is not paid we reserve the right to refuse your child entry to lessons. If the invoice is for uniform, the items of clothing won't be ordered or distributed until payment is received. 

Do you offer any discounts?

We pride ourselves in being one of the cheapest theatre schools in the region therefore we do not offer any discounts on multiple lessons. 


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