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Additional Technical Dance Styles

As well as our Performing Arts and Drama classes, we offer classes in additional technical dance styles for those that wish to progress their skills in Commercial Dance and Tap.

Commercial Dance

Does your child see themselves in the next Little Mix music video? Commercial dance is one of those styles you’ll recognise without even knowing the name! This style is often seen in music videos, concerts and live shows. There are many different styles of dance that can be worked into the commercial category, such as modern, hip hop and jazz. We offer classes in Commercial Dance for children age 4+ years as part of our timetable. Children that take part in our weekly Commercial class get the opportunity to take part in additional performances throughout the year. 


Sessions are 45 minutes


Tap Dancing

Tap is a great technical dance style to learn and supports many other styles by improving rhythm, coordination and timing. Students that attend our tap lessons can enjoy extra opportunities to showcase their work throughout the year.  We offer classes in Tap for children age 6+ years as part of our timetable.

Sessions are 45 minutes


If you live in the North East and your child is interested in any of the above technical dance styles as a beginner starting their journey or an experienced dancer wanting to brush up on their technique then contact us to try one of our sessions for FREE.

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