Permissions, Safety and Behaviour

By submitting your details you are registering your child to attend and take part in Nice Swan Academy classes. You acknowledge the need for obedience and good behaviour on his/her part whilst attending and the need for him/her to take special note of any safety instruction given. You are satisfied that all reasonable care will be taken for safety of youngsters and that adequate staffing and other insurance safety measures have been taken. All Nice Swan Academy staff and chaperones are fully DBS checked and qualified to teach our classes and we always follow the correct staff to student ratios.

Medical Information and Special Requirements

You are required to give details of any medical condition, disability, disorder or special requirements Nice Swan Academy staff should be aware of including allergies and any medication your child may need to take whilst attending. This information should be provided on your initial registration.

Photography and Videos

You give permission for your child to be photographed or recorded in class for any necessary promotion purposes in print, press, social media and any marketing material unless you have informed us otherwise.



Please see below the uniform guidelines on what uniform students are required to wear for each class. We actively encourage a smart appearance at all times. Uniform can be ordered online using our online shop. Payment must be made when placing the order. All uniform is non refundable but we are happy to exchange for a different size where possible. T-Shirts are large fitting and we always recommend trying on sample t-shirt in class before buying.

Performing Arts classes

  • Purple Academy t-shirt (compulsory)

  • Purple Academy Hoodie

  • Black Leotard

  • Black leggings, joggers or shorts which are not heavily branded or patterned

  • Academy Hair Scrunchie or Bow

  • Black Split Sole Jazz Shoes (laced or slip on)


Drama classes/LAMDA classes

  • Purple Academy t-shirt (compulsory)

  • Purple Academy Hoodie

  • Black leggings, joggers or shorts which are not heavily branded or patterned 

  • Academy Hair Scrunchie or bow

  • Appropriate indoor footwear


Mini Performers/Mini Commercial classes

  • White Academy t-shirt (compulsory)

  • Purple Academy Hoodie

  • Black leggings, joggers or shorts which are not heavily branded or patterned.

  • Academy Bow or Scrunchie

  • Appropriate indoor footwear

Acro Gymnastics 

  • Black leotard (compulsory)

  • Purple velour shorts (compulsory)

  • Optional Purple T-shirt/Hoodie

  • Academy Bow or Scrunchie

  • Appropriate indoor footwear

Mini Ballet

  • Purple skirted leotard (compulsory)

  • Pink satin ballet shoes (compulsory)

  • Pink ballet socks 

  • Academy Bow or Scrunchie


  • Purple Academy t-shirt (compulsory)

  • Purple Academy Hoodie

  • Black leggings, joggers or shorts which are not heavily branded or patterned 

  • Academy Hair Scrunchie or bow

  • Black tap shoes


All uniform is available to order via our online shop where we are able to offer the most competitive prices 


Please ensure uniform is clean and looks presentable. We do not allow jewellery or jeans and no outdoor footwear should be worn within the studios. All uniform and shoes should be clearly labelled with your child’s full name. Please also ensure any water bottles are clearly named. We do not allow other branded t-shirts or hoodies/jumpers from any other school or dance school. We allow show t-shirts to be worn for show terms only. Hair should be tied neatly off the face for every lesson in a bun or high ponytail. It is preferred that all students wear our scrunchies or bow with subtle hair coloured pins or grips if required. Please no excessive make up or long false nails.


Term fees will be invoiced at the beginning of the period and are to be paid for in half or full term blocks. Fees can be paid in class by cash/cheque (made payable to Nice Swan Academy Ltd – please note the invoice number on the back), online by bank transfer (please use invoice number as reference) or using our online payment portal. Fees are to be paid before the second lesson of the term. Any fees paid after this time without any prior communication will incur a 10% administration fee. We encourage any parent or carer to contact us should they have any problems with block payments and we will do what we can to support. If payments are continually late your child will not be permitted to attend class until outstanding fees are paid up to date. We do not refund for classes that are missed due to absence or illness. If your child decides to leave the Academy part way through a term you are required to pay any outstanding invoices in full.


Phones and Personal Belongings

We do not permit phones in any of our lessons. Phones should be kept in dance bags at all times on silent and only used during allocated break times. We are not responsible for any valuable or personal belongings that are brought to the Academy.


We produce multiple shows and events throughout the year for your child to be involved in. Tickets for these shows are sold at an additional cost and are available to friends and family of the Academy. Tickets are normally sold via our website or in class and are non transferable or refundable. You may be required to support with additional costume hire fees or provide additional items such at dance shoes, tights or leotards for specific events should your child wish to take part. Details of this will be communicated in advance.



It is essential that we minimise interruptions to our lessons from latecomers.  Our lateness policy is therefore crucial as it ensures that the lessons remain focused and productive.  Our lateness policy is as follows:

If your child is more than 5 minutes late they must wait at the front desk until we have consulted the member of teaching staff - the teacher will decide whether or not they can participate in or alternatively watch the lesson; the teacher’s decision will depend on:

  • How late the child is

  • How often the child has been late before

  • The stage of the class and exercises and/or choreography planned for the remainder of the lesson

The teacher’s decision should be respected for the child’s safety and in consideration of the other class members (each case will be considered on an individual basis) Please note the teacher may not allow the student to participate in class until the next lesson in the day (Saturdays only)



We encourage regular attendance at all times and students should only be absent due to illness or sickness. If your child is sick they should not return to the Academy until at least 48hrs after becoming ill. If your child is well enough to attend class but may have a physical injury preventing them from performing we encourage them to attend and sit out to take note of any choreography or blocking to avoid falling behind. We do not refund for any missed classes due to illness.



We expect all of our students to be fully committed to the Academy including weekly classes, shows and events and where possible should always prioritise them. Whilst we encourage our students to take part in shows and events outside of the Academy with their school or other external organisations we ask that you inform us before committing to be involved. Loyalty is important to us and we try to avoid any clash of interest or instances which have an effect on your child taking part in events in our own calendar.


Class Cancellation/Extreme Weather

We very rarely have to cancel our classes however in some cases such as heavy snowfall/storms it can make it difficult to access to the building or car parks. We assess each circumstance individually for accessibility and safety and try to inform our parents at least a 2 hours before the lesson start time. This will be communicated by text and/or email and across our social media platforms.


We publish a new timetable and lesson schedule for each term and send this to parents at least 4 weeks in advance. It is the parent responsibility to check the timetable for dates, times and venues. In some cases we are required to move venue at certain times of the year.


​Child Protection Statement

Nice Swan Academy has a duty of care to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our students whilst taking part in classes. The company will provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, an environment that is safe and with minimum risk to all who take part. A child is defined as a person under the age of 18 (The children Act 1989)

The following are examples of how we create a positive culture and climate.


  •  Always working in an open environment avoiding private or unobserved situations an encouraging open communication.

  • Treating all students equally with respect and dignity.

  • Always putting the welfare of each student first.

  • Building balanced relationships based on mutual trust.

  • Making dance, drama, singing and performance fun and enjoyable.

  • Being an excellent role model – this includes not smoking or drinking alcohol in the company of the students.

  • Giving enthusiastic and constructive feedback.

  • Recognising the developmental needs and capacity of students – avoiding excessive training and not pushing them against their will.

  • Securing parental consent to act in loco parentis, if the need arises to administer emergency first aid and/or other medical treatment.

  • Keep a written record of any injury that occurs, along with the details of treatment given.


Academy Safety Regulations

  • Casual visitors should not have access to children without the presence of Nice Swan Academy staff. Similarly parents are not permitted to enter any lessons or studios unless otherwise authorised to do so.

  • Children under 12 years old will not be permitted to leave the class without a responsible parent/guardian. Children over 12 years old are permitted to make their own way home with written consent of a parent/guardian. It must be made clear that Nice Swan Academy will not be held responsible for child safety once they have left our building. For every lesson we complete a digital register which records which children are in the building. At the end of the lesson the child is automatically signed out. It is important that you inform us at the beginning of a lesson should your child need to leave early so that we can note this on the system in case of emergency. Should you wish to allow your child under 12 to leave the building and walk to a vehicle in the car-park you must provide written consent

  • We ask that parents inform us should they make alternative arrangements to collect their child (i.e friend, grandparents).

  • We ask that should a parent/guardian find they are running late, they contact us by telephone at least 5 minutes before the class expected finish time so that we are aware of the situation.

Recruitment and training of staff and volunteers

Nice Swan Academy recognises that anyone may have the potential to abuse children and all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working with children. Pre-selection checks will include the following:


  • All staff will complete an application form. This will include self disclosure about any criminal record.

  • All staff must have a valid DBS certificate to work with children. A copy of which is kept and updated by the company

  • Two confidential references will be taken up and confirmed through telephone contact. Evidence of identity will be requested.


We believe that children and young people should never experience abuse of any kind and wee have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people, to keep them safe and to practise in a way that protects them. We understand that the welfare of children is paramount in all the work we do and in all the decisions we take all children, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation have an equal right to protection from all types of harm or abuse


Some children are additionally vulnerable because of the impact of previous experiences, their level of dependency, communication needs or other issues and we work in partnership with children, young people, their parents, carers and other agencies is essential in promoting young people’s welfare.


We will seek to keep children and young people safe by:

  • valuing, listening to and respecting them

  • appointing a nominated child protection and safeguarding representative

  • adopting child protection and safeguarding best practice through our policies, procedures and code of conduct for staff and volunteers

  • developing and implementing an effective online safety policy and related procedures

  • providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support, training and quality assurance measures so that all staff and volunteers know about and follow our policies, procedures and behavior codes confidently and competently

  • recruiting and selecting staff and volunteers safely, ensuring all necessary checks are made

  • recording, storing and using information professionally and securely, in line with data protection legislation and guidance

  • making sure that children, young people and their families know where to go for help if they have a concern

  • using our safeguarding and child protection procedures to share concerns and relevant information with agencies who need to know, and involving children, young people, parents, families and carers appropriately i.e. child concern forms

  • using our procedures to manage any allegations against staff and volunteers appropriately

  • creating and maintaining an anti-bullying environment and ensuring that we have a policy and procedure to help us deal effectively with any bullying that does arise

  • ensuring that we provide a safe physical environment for our children, young people, staff and volunteers, by applying health and safety measures in accordance with the law and regulatory guidance

  • building a safeguarding culture where staff and volunteers, children, young people and their families, treat each other with respect and are comfortable about sharing concerns.



At Nice Swan Academy we do not accept any form of bad behavior, rudeness or violence towards any other students or members of staff. Our process of managing behavior in class will depend on the severity however in any instance where we are concerned about a child's general attitude or behavior we will:

  • The member of teaching staff will give a first warning in the classroom setting.

  • The member of teaching staff will give a second warning and in some instances ask the child to sit or stand out of the lesson.

  • The member of teaching staff will give a third and final warning and ask the child to sit or stand out of the lesson. Management and other teaching staff will be informed of the incident and it will be closely monitored in all lessons. 

  • The students parent/guardian will be informed by telephone and followed up with an email. In some instances the parent/guardian may be invited into the Academy to discuss the concerns with a hope of putting a stop to it. 

  • In extreme instances, students may be suspended from class for a period of time or in a worst case scenario excluded from the Academy completely. 


At Nice Swan Academy we do not tolerate any form of bullying. If bullying is suspected, the following actions will take place to help the victim and to prevent bullying:


  • All signs of bullying will be taken very seriously. All children will be encouraged to speak about their concerns. The victim will be helped to speak out and to tell someone in authority.

  • All allegations will be investigated and actions taken to ensure the safety of the victim. Victims and alleged bullies will be spoken to separately and where necessary both parents/guardians will be involved.

  • Victims will be reassured that they can trust who they are speaking to and they will be helped. Any concerns must be reported to management immediately.

  • If any form of bullying is suspected between students outside of the Academy we must be informed ASAP so that we can closely monitor this within our classes.

  • Bullying on social media outside of class is taken very seriously and all activity online is closely monitored where possible. 

  • Any student who is seen to be bullying may be suspended from our classes or in extreme cases be asked to leave permanently.

Online Learning

Safeguarding and child protection is just as important to us when teaching online as it is face to face. 

• In most cases multiple members of staff will be in video lessons – whether this be visible or simply monitoring the session remotely.
• Video teaching is to be used for lessons only and is not a platform for contact or communication between staff and children for any other purpose nor should it be used for photos or general messaging.
• We encourage students to restrict their profiles so that they can only receive meetings and calls from known contacts.
• Our staff will be dressed appropriately in normal teaching attire and we encourage students to do the same. Where possible wear uniform and do not wear excessively informal or minimal attire.
• Most of our online sessions will be conducted from our dance or singing studios however in some cases where access is restricted our tutors may have to do this from home.
• All lessons must take place on a secure wifi connection to ensure the child and tutor are protected from hacking and they have privacy.
• Students that take part in online learning should have their camera on and be visible to the tutor taking the lesson. We do not permit students to take part in the session without video.

• If a student’s was to dress or behave inappropriately the call will be terminated or they will be blocked from taking part.

• The same rules apply online as they do to our normal lessons and we will not tolerate bad attitude or behaviour and our tutors should be respected
• Sessions must take place in a neutral location living room, kitchen or office and not in a student’s bedroom.
• Children should take part in lessons in an empty space with a practical flooring surface and where possible a clear plain background.
• Parents are not required to be in the room but should be aware when children are active and online and be in the premises
• Parents will be required to set up and start video lessons for younger children and in some cases may want to take part or get involved.
• Times and content of sessions will be communicated to parents in advance and will always be conducted and taught by Nice Swan Academy staff.
• Anything untoward or suspicious content online should be reported to the management immediately.
• We do not expect children who are suffering with symptoms of the virus to take part in lessons until they feel better.

At Nice Swan Academy we are fully committed to the protection and safeguarding of our students whether this be online or in the studios.


Data Protection

By completing a registration form you give permission to keep your personal data on record for 12 months for the purposes of emergency and internal advertising/communication after which time your details will be disposed of securely. Parents are required to complete a new registreation at the start of every academic year. We do not share your personal information with any third parties. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform us of any change in information including telephone numbers and addresses.



On behalf of Nice Swan Academy we, will oversee the implementation of the above and take all necessary steps to ensure our policies are adhered to. Nice Swan Academy has a dedicated team that aims to provide a safe and fun experience for everyone who is participating or involved in activities, productions, classes and rehearsals hosted by the company.


 Last updated: 5th January 2021