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The Performance of a Lifetime!


We are excited to be welcoming students to audition for the Performance of a Lifetime at Disneyland Paris in August 2022!

We are giving current Academy students age 7 years and over the amazing opportunity to audition to perform on the biggest stage and to the biggest audience of their lives at Disneyland Paris and enjoy the magic of the Disney parks with their family and Academy friends next summer.

We will be auditioning students this October and those successful will have to commit to additional lessons per week in order to improve on their training/performance skills which will then lead onto rehearsals for the Disney performances.


Please request an information pack in class or by emailing us.

We very much look forward to auditioning new students and starting a new Disney journey - those parents and children that have been with us in the past will agree when we say it really is one of the best and most magical experiences of your life!

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